Audience Testimonials

"Thanks again for the wonderful night at the Circus!! It was absolutely fabulous! What a production; everyone works so hard to create the magic. My six-year-old daughter, Madison, early in the evening during the Aerialists' performance with the curtains, turns around to say, "OH...MY...GAWD!!!!" They had just done this shocking stunt where they all were about to unravel themselves straight into the floor. We're telling all of our friends they must go to see it. Trapeze, gymnasts, clowns, dogs, cats, hoola hoop girl, jugglers, everything... Amazing!!"

-- Jason Gann

"Thank-you for a wonderful show last night! My husband, three of our four teenagers, and I had a fantastic time. Every act was enjoyable. I, personally, hadn't been to the circus for 20+ years (Gregg and the kids probably went about 10 years ago). All of us had non-stop smiles on our faces. Thanks for continuing a time honored tradition that we will definitely recommend to others and go to again. "


-- Christel Filippelli and family

"We just arrived home from your August 6th performance here in Mira Mesa and our family had a wonderful time. My son enjoyed and sat still throughout the 2 hour show. he loved the trampoline performers as well as the trapeze artists and heck, he loved it all! Do you sell the polo shirts that some of your workers wear that say Circus Vargas on them? I would love to buy one if you do. Thank you for your time and please come back to San Diego soon! Our family will be there. "


-- Wayne A. McBrayer