About Circus Vargas


Nelson & Katya Quiroga - Producers & Co-Owners



This young and energetic couple has taken on the daunting task of reviving the interest and allure of the traditional traveling circus to a whole new generation! Having had the opportunity of performing with some of the best circuses in the world, Nelson and Katya add Circus Owner & Impresario to their impressive résumés.

In 2005, they formed Tabares Entertainment, Inc. and together with their immediate & extended family embarked on a new and exciting business venture. With this new enterprise came the immense responsibility of retaining the charm and integrity of the historic Circus Vargas, while striving to keep the circus fashionable and popular for a new generation. This courageous duo, with their innovative ideas and bold choices, breathe new life into a family tradition to present a show that is fresh, exciting and unique!

The Quiroga family

Nelson and Katya have a remarkable partnership, not only are they successful business owners, and proud parents of three beautiful daughters, but each are accomplished individuals in their own right. Nelson has performed several dangerous acts alongside his brother Alberto, including the renowned Flying Tabares which in 2004 was awarded the “Golden Clown” statuette at the prestigious Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo where the family performed their flying trapeze act for Monaco’s Royal Family, one of many highlights of their career.

Exceedingly proud of their circus heritage, the Quiroga family is equally passionate about the arts. Katya herself had attended the Conservatorium for Ballet and Music in the Netherlands, before joining her parents, from the renowned Osmani and Arata Families, in the circus. The education she received at the Conservatorium has had a tremendous influence, not only in the business aspect of her life, but in her personal aspirations and ambitions as well. For this loving and close-knit family, life is most definitely a circus, but not just any circus, for the Quirogas, “Life is Circus Vargas!”

The Circus Vargas Familiy

Circus Vargas is indeed a family operation. Aside from their regular responsibilities, every member of the family is involved in the day-to-day operations and togetherthey function like a well-oiled machine. There is so much involved, so many important details when presenting a live performance, and the ultimate success of the production depends on the stability of its infrastructure. This foundation and support system is essential and at Circus Vargas, it is called family!